Whether it’s a short weekend, trips to exotic locations or a round the world adventure. Majestic Scenic Travel offer the ultimate tailor made travel service, where our expert team navigates an extensive network of options that best suit your needs and preferences. We offer you many unique ideas, exclusive benefits, and competitive rates. If you are looking for a travel planner you can trust us.

Cano Cristales (La Macarena, Colombia)

We Specialize In Creating Memorable Travel Experiences

At Majestic Scenic Travel, an expert travel consultant

will be your guide in planning every aspect of your trip.

We Plan Your Perfect Adventure

With endless destinations, travel provides exciting opportunities, whether it’s a short weekend getaway, trip to exotic locations or a round the world adventure. Majestic Scenic Travel fashions the ultimate trip for you. We offer unique ideas, exclusive benefits and a wealth of travel options and amenities at all price points.


Mijas, Spain


Should You Buy Travel Insurance?

Peace of Mind!

Medical Care

Some travelers, who have chronic health issues, may require emergency medical care while on vacation. In a worst-case scenario, some travel insurance plans offer you access to more than 400,000 pre-screened health service providers and a 24-hour emergency hotline to coordinate care.

You lose your baggage

Losing luggage is something that seems to happen to everyone at some point or another. But travelers insured with baggage coverage can easily replace items and continue on your trip.

Trip Interruption and Cancellation

If for some reason your plans change because of a medical emergency, job loss, or family issues, travel insurance plans will reimburse you for paid travel services and nonrefundable expenses.

Lost and Stolen Items

With travel insurance, a 24-hour hotline connects you to multilingual customer service representatives who assist you accessing local resources.

Majestic Scenic Travel offers a full range of travel planning services

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